Your Ultimate Guide for Building A Social Media Marketing Agency

The Affordable Beginner SMMA Course


Starting your own social media marketing agency? Look no further than the Ultimate SMMA startup course. Meant for beginners and marketing veterans. This affordable digital marketing course is the roadmap to starting your own SMMA business.


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What The Ultimate SMMA Startup Course Can Do For You!

Learn what paperwork to fill, how each platform works, how to get your first client worth $25k, and how to scale. Creating a social media marketing agency that lasts requires a broad and in-depth understanding of all parts of digital marketing. 

This is the best ‘affordable social media marketing course’ (Because it is!). Some students have scaled their businesses past $10k per month. That’s 6-figures annually! And it all started with this cheap SMMA course and the lessons I taught them there. 

You can start making 10K per month too.


What Will The Affordable Beginner SMMA Course Teach You?


What Will The Affordable Beginner SMMA Course Teach You?

  • Paperwork to Start Your SMMA Business – License, Tax Info, etc. (You WANT to have this)
  • Social Media Marketing & Ads (Facebook & Instagram) – Master the two biggest platforms.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click Campaigns w/ Google – The two surefire ways you clients are found through your marketing.
  • Email Marketing & Automation – Ever got an email that made you buy something? Now you’ll learn how to make them and schedule them.
  • What You Need to Know About Building Websites – The science of websites is settled. Here is what you really want for yours.
  • Getting Clients Worth $25,000+ – Go for the big fishes!
  • Pricing Your Services & Build Packages – Maximize your revenue per client
  • Building A Team and Scale to $1,000,000+ per year – You can’t and don’t want to do everything on your own. Choose right and you get to sit back, relax, and count the cash.
  • And MUCH MORE…

Ultimate SMMA Course Bonuses

Quizzes On Each Module – Did you get all that I just taught you? Show off how much you learned! There’s a set of quizzes for each module to really drive home all that was taught to you.

Exclusive Facebook Group – Join a private community full of like-minded people that are either agency-owners or looking to become one. You’ll get your invite for free with the purchase of this course.

Starting Your Agency Checklist – You will get my personal checklist of everything you need to get your agency off the ground. My +10 years of experience deem these items essential to have.
… Also, a secret bonus of INSANE value you don’t want to miss


Normal People + Proper Training = Dreams Accomplished


What Will Take Place Day by Day

It starts with teaching you when to get business licenses and some tricks to make taxes work for you. Then, it moves to SWEPS. What’s SWEPS? It’s my own acronym for Social Media Marketing, Website Design, Email Marketing, PPC Marketing, and SEO. We’ll start here with FB & IG Social Media & PPC.

We covered the first ‘S’ and the ‘P’ from SWEPS last time. Now we go for the ‘W’, ‘E’, and the other ‘S’. We’ll go deep into everything about the basics of website building, creating and scheduling emails, and understanding SEO. Those are the final pieces to build a complete sales funnel. You NEED to learn this.

You got the technical know-how. How about learning the business know-how? learn here how I manage to land clients worth over 25k. How to price your services to get the most revenue out of each client. And, lastly, how to build a team with the right people to scale your agency to 100k a year and beyond.