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What SMMAs Can Learn From Tai Lopez And Gary Vee

What SMMA owners can learn from Tai Lopez and Gary Vee is how to approach business and marketing. SMMA owners can learn a successful philosophy. Both Tai and Gary both have a lot to say about how you can better position yourself and your mindset to succeed.

If you recently got into a position as an SMMA owner, or want to prepare yourself to step into it, then your mindset and philosophy are very important to hone. You can always gain more experience – and you need some to function as an SMMA owner – but if you don’t approach SMMA ownership and operation the right way mentally, you risk failure.

Both Tai and Gary speak on each of these aspects – your mindset and your philosophy. Tai tends to spend more of his attention on the mindset aspect, and continual education. Gary spends more of his attention on the philosophy of business, and the need to be kind. Each of them crosses over, though. You’ll find a lot of Gary Vee videos where he talks about having a hustle mindset.

Of course, I have pieces I’d like to add to these topics. They are important to operating a business. While I don’t spend a lot of my attention on the mindset and philosophy – I’m more about the day to day – those aspects are a filter through which the day-to-day functions. To be a functional SMMA owner, you need to learn the lessons that Gary Vee and Tai Lopez offer.

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What SMMA Owners Can Learn from Gary Vee and Tai Lopez About Philosophy

One of my favorite quotes from Gary Vee is this: “I attract a crowd, not because I’m an extrovert or I’m over the top or I’m oozing with charisma. It’s because I care.” This perfectly encapsulates the philosophy that Tai Lopez and Gary Vee teach SMMA owners. Always be people first, always concerned about what you can do for people.

Gary constantly preaches about how care can achieve any goal you need it to. We can break this down into three principles. Be kind, be genuine, and be gracious.

  • Be kind. This means to always put your customers before your business, and your employees before yourself. This means cultivating a community of care and empathy that makes people want to be around you. Finally, this means you should give back. Give more than you take.
  • Be genuine. Don’t lie, cheat, or steal. Dishonest business practices will be sniffed out. And don’t be afraid to be divisive. People aren’t going to like you and they aren’t going to like your business for some reason, so step into that. Be yourself.
  • Be gracious. Be okay with your losses, even if you hate them. Learn the lesson within them. And say “thank you” for everything. Show your appreciation through promotions, discounts, anyway that you can.

Look at every business venture as a people first business. When you take care of your customers and employees, they will take care of you. And the more kind, genuine, and gracious you can be, the more you can expect that to be reciprocated. You will grow trust with the surrounding people, and cultivate respect. Those are more valuable than money.


What SMMA Owners Can Learn from Gary Vee and Tai Lopez for their Mindset

The number one lesson to learn from Tai Lopez for SMMA owners is to learn and to learn constantly. While Tai’s affinity for books has become a bit of a meme, there is a lot of validity to it. If you are able to find books that will have some weight, some lessons, for you, you can get a lot accomplished by reading. Try reading one book every 28 days, and spending the last few days of the month reflecting on it. You’ll find yourself in a better position after just the first one.

Of course, books aren’t the only way to learn. There are a lot of education methods for SMMA owners, and you should give each of them a try. Go to conferences to meet people and get one on one lessons. Search out mentors who can help as issues come up. Peer groups can do the same. Use your news app and social media to keep on top of industry news.

Set time aside each week and each day to learn something new and to practice new skills. That’s another great lesson to learn: build healthy habits. Distance yourself from people who promote a lifestyle that won’t work for you, and focus on building the life that you want. Put yourself in a position to succeed.

Gary Vee teaches SMMA owners to embrace risk. I hope you never have to ask “what if.” For my sake and for yours, don’t put yourself in that position. Follow your gut and do what makes sense for you. And take this approach in your execution. Take the time to learn, but when the lesson is internalized, get up and do. Do fearlessly.

Finally, you should always be in a hustle mindset. Do as much as you can. Work longer. Work harder. Be persistent and stubborn, and don’t quit until you’ve exhausted every other option. Look at success as the only option.


The Rules of Business

In the spirit of what SMMA owners can learn from Tai Lopez and Gary Vee, there are a few basic rules every business should work by. This is my own little piece of the philosophy and mindset of business that I want to share with you. There are three simple rules to use when you approach challenges in your business to succeed.

First, set and manage expectations. Be clear with everyone what you’re giving and what you expect to take. And when those inevitably change, make sure that’s clear. Always aim to over-deliver on those expectations. Be so good that it’s surprising.

Second, follow through. Never give a date and then don’t deliver, and never skip over something you said you would do. And especially don’t do something half-heartedly. If you can’t give it your all, you need to change the expectation – not the result.

Finally, remember that little things matter. The devil is in the details. And while people might not recognize them, they do notice. Make sure that every piece of what you do is perfect, and you’ll succeed.

Your mindset and philosophy are important to making your business work. That’s what SMMA owners can learn from Gary Vee and Tai Lopez.

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