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YouTube Channel Penalties UPDATED | Digital Marketing News Today

YouTube is working to tighten its content policies after recent negative attention concerning censorship, conspiracy mongering, and inappropriate content for children. A recent announcement from the video sharing platform explains new YouTube channel penalties for channels that publish content that goes against their policies.

In this article, I’m going to explain the changes that YouTube has made to their Community Guidelines Strike Policy that aim to protect both creators and viewers. Continue reading to learn how these guidelines might affect your brand and channel on YouTube.

YouTube Channel One-Strike System

YouTube is a great platform to help yougrow your brand. However, like all other social media platforms, you need to make sure your content and channel are compliant.

To combat problematic content like child pornography, violence and hate speech, YouTube has implemented a new community enforcement policy and a strike system. These rules are intended to help ensure the safety of anyone who uses the platform, from content creators to viewers.

This is the first update YouTube has made to their strike system in almost a decade. Now, creators receive a warning first instead of a strike if they are found to be violating the Community Guidelines.

With the new warning, the creator is not penalized except for having to remove the offending content from their channel. The update has come after creators demanded more transparency around policy violations and more consistency in their application. YouTube hopes the new guidelines will eliminate any confusion about the guidelines, while also restructuring the existing strike system.


After the first warning, creators who are found in violation of the guidelines will then face the three strike penalty system. Each strike comes with increasingly severe penalties with each violation. The three strikes consist of:

First Strike – the first strike will give creators a one-week ban from uploading new content, including live-streaming and other activities on the channel. The first strike expires after 90 days.

Second Strike – the second strike, if it occurs within the 90-day period, causes a two-week freeze on uploading or streaming any new content on the channel.

Third Strike – the third strike within the 90-day period leads to the termination of the channel.

Up until this point, the standard YouTube procedure was to email the channel owner via email with a strike notification. This leads many creators to ask questions about why the content was flagged, leading to confusion.

YouTube wants to make it clearer whenever a strike or warning occurs, what it means to the channel, and the steps available to the creator if they want to appeal the decision. This means that the YouTube Community Guidelines strikes will come with an email explaining the specific reasons for the strike.

The update also comes with mobile and desktop notifications, as well as mobile and in-product notifications:

Email and Desktop Notifications – the notifications provide details about which policy was violated

Mobile and In-Product Notifications – in-product notifications provide important information about the strike available at a glance on your mobile device.

The updates are part of an ongoing effort to make sure YouTube is a safe place to listen, share, and create stories through video for all. To further clarify the guidelines, penalties will be imposed on all types of content.

Previously, the existing penalty system separated penalties by each type of content. That means stories, video content,custom thumbnails, and links to other websites in the description box where all subject to different penalties. Now, YouTube strikes check all content types and apply the same penalties.

The new update applies only to YouTube Community Guidelines and not the copyright strike system. For copyright infringement, there remains no first warning. To make sure you’re safe from YouTube’s strike system for your own YouTube channel, be sure to thoroughly review their Community Guidelines.

YouTube has updated the strike policy to make it easier to understand. With this update, the video sharing platform hopes to eliminate any confusion about why a strike was issued and what the penalty is for the violation. The first warning is to encourage content creators to learn the community guidelines. YouTube is working to make sure its platform is a safe place to listen, share, and create stories through video for all.

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