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Crush Your Next Proposal – Get more SMMA Clients

Client acquisition is an important aspect of your business. If you have a client, your business will continue to thrive. However, for some digital marketing specialists, closing sales has been very challenging because of the growing competition in the industry.


If your proposal and closing techniques do not work, let me help you make adjustments, so you can encourage your leads to trust your digital marketing strategies.

How to Get New Digital Marketing Clients (and Keep them Coming)?

Clients are the lifeblood of your digital marketing agency. Without them, you won’t have enough funds to keep your business afloat. Having a steady pipeline will rely on having a proven process for landing recurring clients.

Before you start the interview, you must initially figure out your scope of services. This will serve as your guideline to come up with a specific set of strategies that you can implement for your lead’s business, rather than offering generic packages that may not be completely beneficial as they won’t bring realistic results. After you have figured out your services, then you must think about how much you will charge your clients. Remember, charging too high might scare prospective clients away while charging too low could hurt your business in the long run. To help you formulate, check out our Complete Guide to Pricing Digital Marketing Services for Your Agency.

Uncover your Prospect’s Situation


Once you have successfully enticed a lead to book a sales call with you, your next step is to invest a lot of effort during the negotiation to prove that your digital marketing company has all the experience and knowledge that can increase their revenue and customer base.


Just like a doctor, your main task as a digital marketing specialist is to uncover your prospect’s situation. The reason why he contacted you is that he acknowledges the fact that he is doing something wrong and it has been hindering his business’s growth.


By asking the right set of questions, you can gather significant information that you can use to come up with the most effective solutions that they failed to foresee. It also gives you the capacity to make professional assessments to determine if your strategies can help them or not.


Take note, some leads might know that there’s a problem but couldn’t point exactly what it is. By “dissecting” their current situation, you can have a thorough understanding of their current methods and basically, help them learn the exact nature of their problem.


So, when it comes to getting clients for your agency, what’s your single biggest challenge? Don’t forget to watch and comment on my video. I’ll be giving away 5 mentorships for every 100 comments.


Qualifying Questions for Closing Sales


The questions that you will have to ask your prospects are very crucial. When you have asked the right questions, then these will draw out insightful answers that will be your basis while crafting actionable strategies for them.


During the negotiation, you have to make sure that you are in control of the flow. Listening to what the lead says will make them think you value their business’s success (and everything that goes with it), and not just the money that they will bring in. When done right, it will boost your agency’s credibility.


What are your objectives and goals?


Understanding your potential client’s objectives and goals will serve as the baseline of your conversation. This will help you align your future work with what the client aims to achieve. Again, not all strategies are the same. Each serves a specific purpose which is why it’s not great to offer a service package especially if some methods are not relevant to what the goal is. When you know what your client is planning to target, you can systematically formulate something that will deliver a return on investment (ROI).


If, in any case, the client plans to back out to a specific strategy you have initially agreed on, you can help him see the bigger picture why it must be done based on his objectives or goals. Let him realize that it won’t come to light unless he moves forward.


Are you currently spending on other types of marketing?


Understand the current marketing strategies your prospect is doing nearly as well as he does. This will help you furthermore discuss their previous efforts, and maybe, check why their money is down the drain. It could be because of a wrong decision or poor budget, and you must be there to explain the situation in a simplified manner.


Additionally, this will also give you an idea about the budget of the client. Executing digital marketing strategies needs ample budget to properly execute.


How much revenue does one customer generate for your business?


This will help you gauge the number of customers that you have to bring in to consider a campaign successful. With the data, you can create a sales pipeline that can give you an overview as to where the opportunities are in and what adjustments should be taken to increase your end revenue.


Having this baseline will also help you assess whether your client is being unrealistic with his expectations after setting the budget for ads. Don’t be caught off base as it might put your position at risk, despite doing your best to execute your strategies.


Do you have a systematic process in place to drive new leads?


You’ll be surprised that a lot of businesses, especially those that are just starting, haven’t established a systematic process for their sales pipeline. Proper management and implementation will ensure that the quality that they deliver for every transaction is the same, which will boost their customer satisfaction. It also improves the employee’s performance because they have guidelines on what must be done for every situation that they could potentially encounter.


On the other hand, in case your lead has a process in place, then you might want to analyze it and make sure that you won’t find any bottleneck that could affect the overall organization. If there is any, offer ways to mitigate the problem.  


What is the number one thing you want to see from me and my efforts that will make this partnership a success?


This is the most important question you must never miss. Although you are very adept at doing digital marketing strategies, you have to set and manage your client’s expectations early on. You have to understand what he wants to receive from you and what he deems to be a successful campaign.


Most digital marketing professionals put too much fluff in their sales proposals. DON’T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE. Since you have initially assessed the services you are going to provide, make sure that you do not overpromise. Having a detailed list of deliverables with realistic deadlines in your proposal will ensure that you and your client are on the same page.


Helpful Tips and Tricks When Closing Sales


If you have prepared yourself for the qualifying phase, here are some more tips that you can do to increase your chance of closing sales.


Ask Open-Ended Questions


Open-ended questions encourage your prospective clients to talk more about their business as it requires more depth and lengthier explanations. These will help you find out more about their current situation – you are not a mind reader so you must seek more information rather than guessing their current stand in their chosen industries. These will also open more opportunities to build a better picture of how to meet their needs, resulting in a higher satisfaction rate for every successful strategy. 


Ask Follow-Up Questions and Don’t Forget to Ask “WHY?”


Again, the main purpose of the discovery call is to gather information. Don’t just settle on getting broad answers. Try to prepare some follow-up questions, so you will uncover their real feelings, logic and thinking process, and you can give them a chance to clarify their previous response. When discussing complex issues that they have encountered during the implementation of their marketing strategies, you can also get adequate answers that will help you discover potentially unanticipated conclusions.


Provide Value for FREE


Come from a value standpoint and give some free information during the meeting (but don’t give your entire marketing plan!). You might want to do an audit and show them the errors that they have missed, and provide a detailed guideline on how they can fix those. This will not only demonstrate your knowledge in solving marketing dilemmas, but you can also improve how they will see your digital marketing agency as a whole – that you do not just value money but also having a good relationship.


Well, some may say that you are giving your competitors that offer lower rates to take over your chance. That may be a downside. But then, you will always be remembered. When things go wrong because the other agency fails to deliver, you will surely be the person who will reap the benefits simply because you have proven your expertise and professionalism early on.


What you should hope to happen is for them to do it by themselves. Since they don’t know how it should be correctly done, despite the detailed tutorial that you have added in the audit, they will, later on, realize that it would be wiser to hire an expert. 


Make the “Why Us” Be Very Clear During Your Pitch


The discovery may be your first and last chance to speak with a client. Therefore, you have to do your best in demonstrating why he should be trusting your digital marketing agency the future of his business. Be very clear about your value proposition, so you will stand out from the rest. You have to make sure that you will be remembered by the way you handled the interview.


Never Launch Immediately Into Your Proposal


Remember, although you are selling your services to a lead, you must never pitch straight away. Get into a very nice conversation first and learn more about the business right before you offer the solutions you can deliver. Don’t make your potential client feel that the relationship is purely transactional.


Look Presentable


Don’t jump in a meeting wearing your pajamas (especially since most people do these online) because the first few minutes are very crucial in making the right impression. The first impression is everything, especially if you are only given 30 minutes to talk. Also, if you are dressed to impress, your confidence will be boosted, which will allow you to have that entrepreneurial oomph.


Be Early


Show up to the location (or be available online) 15 to 30 minutes before the meeting starts. This will give you ample time to prepare for the actual meeting or review your proposal, so you won’t look like a fool in case you have missed an error. Most clients also appreciate people who come early because it gives them the impression that they are valued and prioritized.


Be Confident


Hands profusely sweating, heart heavily pounding… Don’t run! Breathe in… Breathe out… RELAX! Make sure that you will look confident during the meeting. Don’t look stressed out as well as your prospective client might think you have already too much on your plate, and you can’t handle an additional client. You might even give the impression that you have limited marketing experience and knowledge simply because you don’t know how to present yourself well.


Use Their First Name to Build Trust and Rapport


People love to hear the sound of their names. Make sure to use their names as soon as you greet them upon your arrival and after the meeting. It should be done naturally. This will jumpstart your connection with the prospect. Building a rapport and making a personal connection will help you increase your digital marketing agency’s chances of getting hired.




It can be challenging to land clients especially if you are just new in the industry. But once you have proven that the solutions that you provide work, people will start raving about your digital marketing agency because you bring value to the table. This will help you gain more chances of closing sales faster.

Again, don’t forget to comment on my video, so you’ll get a chance to win a mentorship. You can also follow my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube account for more up-to-date marketing tips.

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