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How To Run Successful Marketing Campaigns for Real Estate Agents

February 26, 2018

Real estate is and always has been a very competitive field, with approximately 400,000 real estate agents currently licensed in the United States. The thing that separates an okay real estate agent from an amazing one is usually the agent’s ability to instill trust in their clients and to develop a strong relationship.

It is these two factors that make digital marketing for real estate agents a no-brainer. If you’re not already targeting real estate agents as useful leads for your digital marketing agency, well, there’s no better time to start. Not only is this a huge field with a lot of potential for you, digital marketing is becoming increasingly necessary for agents to find success. In fact, some real estate brokerages say that 80 percent of their new customers find them through the internet.

That’s why I’m going to be letting you in on all the secrets of running a successful marketing campaign for real estate agents in this article.

Facebook and Instagram

Real estate agents have two target customers that they want to attract: buyers and sellers. Regardless of platform, you should always keep in mind the unique needs of each of these customer profiles.


When it comes to attracting new buyers and working on behalf of the buyer, Facebook and Instagram ads are a great approach. Putting out ‘Coming Soon’ ads or ads for upcoming open houses on available properties is a great way to draw in buyers and lead them to your page or website. A particularly useful tool for these ads is Location Targeting, to ensure your ad is being seen by the right people.

Did you know…

People are three times more likely to move within the county they already live!

There is also a variety of content you can post through Facebook and Instagram that will draw the attention of buyers or help increase engagement on your page. Post articles from popular home and lifestyle website such as HGTV to serve as engagement posts, or publish buyer time-lapses to attract new visitors. Any educational series that speaks to buyers specifically will also be great, such as an info series all about the process of buying a home.


Just as with buyers, targeted ads are a great way to draw in sellers by showcasing your past and recent successes. Ad campaigns featuring ‘Just Sold’ ads as opposed to ‘Coming Soon’ ads, or ads that feature the agents discussing how quickly they are able to sell their homes or how they get the highest percentage of market value are both great strategies for displaying industry expertise.

Contests are also a great way to draw in sellers and drive up traffic. A FREE Listing Contest, where you run a promise to sell someone’s home for free, is sure to get incredible engagement. Additionally, a Seller’s Challenge Contest, which would challenge agents and sellers to see how quickly they can sell a home, would be a great contest designed to showcase the agent’s competence.


Starting a YouTube channel is a great way to increase website visitors, especially for a field that relies so much on visuals and design, as real estate does. There are a number of areas that relate to real estate that would make for great video content, such as a channel devoted to DIY projects, home improvement or home remodelling projects, interior design tips. Essentially anything that relates to what occurs in a home is a great tie-in. Additionally, there are many areas outside of the home itself that relate to home or property ownership, such as community involvement, real estate investing, property management, and even landscaping, that are good topics to draw inspiration from for engaging content.

Many real estate agents make the mistake of using their channels solely for the purpose of uploading video tours or 3D renderings of homes to their channel, and while those videos are still a good idea, you will not be able to get the engagement you need to have an active following using only that style of content. While those videos can be helpful and beautifully shot, the channel needs to give the viewer a reason to come back. If the only thing you upload is walkthrough videos of the homes then those videos only become relevant to people who are buying or selling right now, and our goal is bigger than that. We want to build subscribers, which means creating content that is more original and unique, such as the topics and ideas discussed earlier.

Email Marketing

Email automation is essential for all digital marketing strategies, and this is a tool that will be particularly useful for real estate agents. Just as I discussed with the strategy for Facebook and Instagram, automations should cater to the different verticals of the agents. This means that there should be email content that goes out specifically to sellers, and a different content stream that goes out specifically to buyers.

Another strategy that will make email marketing unique from other platforms is that the campaign won’t stop won’t the sale is final. Following up with clients will be key, and an email series is a simple and effective way of doing this. For instance, when someone buys or sells a home with your real estate agent client, there should be a follow up email sequence to give their customers tips or other useful information on moving into their new home, such as a list or series along the lines of “Things To Do Immediately After You Buy a Home.” This will help keep agents at the top of their clients’ minds and help increase the likelihood of good reviews or referrals.

Real estate agents are an untapped market with a lot of potential for your digital marketing agency. With peoples’ increased dependence on social media and online resources, digital marketing is an essential strategy for all real estate agents.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to run successful digital marketing campaigns or how to improve your digital marketing agency, then check out our blog, subscribe to our YouTube channel, or follow us on Facebook.

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