Who is Cereal Entrepreneur?

How Does Jordan Know All of This?

Cereal Entrepreneur, AKA, Jordan Steen has been an entrepreneur his entire life…and we mean that quite literally. Jordan started his first business when he was only 11 years old selling candy out of his locker at school. Making about $1,000 per month, Jordan knew then and there that he would be an entrepreneur for life.

This eventually turned into Jordan becoming one of the early pioneers for Social Media Marketing and Ads campaigns. In 2008 Jordan started running social media marketing campaigns on Facebook for businesses before the platform even had an advertising platform.

Then in 2013 Jordan took a job in the corporate world with Gannett ($4 Billion/year media company) learning even more about Digital Marketing and running a marketing agency. He received about $200,000 in marketing and sales training and used this training plus other trainings (worth $10,000+) he has purchased as the foundation for starting Cereal Entrepreneur Academy.

After he left Gannett Jordan found that there was a HUGE need for training in the marketing space. He noticed that there were several “gurus” teaching people how to start an agency and was able to determine that there was a lot of missing information that’s necessary for someone to start an agency properly. After finding that there was a definite need for quality training Jordan decided to start a YouTube channel and release free trainings. After only 3 months of running the channel for free he reached out to his audience and they were begging for a full course that would actually give them the value and information they needed to really make a change in their lives. A little over a year later, and here we are with one of the most helpful, resource-rich, and practical Digital Marketing courses for someone wanting to learn Digital Marketing and how to build a business online.

All you have to do is commit to the process. Are you willing to do what it takes?

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Books of Influence

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Why I Do It

The reasons that people start their own business or become an entrepreneur are different for everyone. But why did I choose to start this type of business?

It’s very simple. I wanted the freedom to work when and where I want PLUS the benefit of generating a passive income. If you look at jobs around the world you’ll notice that they are being replaced by technological improvements. I wanted a career that would not only fulfill my desire to live the lifestyle I want to live but one that wouldn’t be replaced by a robot anytime soon. Digital Marketing is one of the fastest growing and lucrative niches to create a business and it wouldn’t make sense to leave this opportunity behind.

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