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How To Land Your First Agency Client


If you have taken your first step in building your digital marketing agency, congratulations! By now, you probably have made your website and social media accounts. If yes, you are ready to take in clients who are in dire need of your expertise to help them achieve their business goals. Let me get through the details as I will be sharing some tips and secrets on how to land your first agency client.

Struggles of Finding the First Client for your Agency

Without a constant influx of clients for your digital marketing company, how can continue to thrive? 

With thousands of competitors in the market, how can you establish your brand in your niche? I am sure you don’t like to see yourself a few months (or years) from now making that tough decision to close your business.

Establish your brand and client base so you can constantly receive calls, texts and emails from business owners who trust your skills and knowledge to fix their marketing issues.   

It is very crucial to find that first client who will entrust you with his company’s growth and success. You don’t have a portfolio yet that can demonstrate your experience in the industry. But it should not hinder your efforts. If you can confidently handle the entire customer acquisition process, you’ll land your first client with flying colors.

Where Can You Find Marketing Agency Clients


The first thing to learn is where you can actually find your prospective clients. Understand what websites and platforms do they hang out often, depending on their niche and education background.


Of course, the best place to find cold leads is through Google. A lot of businesses have realized the potential of having a website or a social media account. Therefore, you can find a handful of prospects with the help of a search engine. Use the right keyword/s to find individuals and businesses within your target niche. You can also be more generic by adding locality, so you can trim down the results.
Once you have found them, gather all the necessary information that you will need to send your first message or email.


Freelancing Platforms

One of the obvious ways to find clients is by looking at different job sites that connect clients to freelancers or digital marketing agencies. Some of the known sites that you must visit include:

· Upwork
· Fiverr
· Freeeup
· People Per Hour
· Behance
· Toptal

Most of the time, clients will post jobs on the platform, whether they need a social media marketer, virtual assistant, web developer, and so on. Some work the other way around wherein you can post your portfolio and wait for a client to contact you.

Networking Events

Another great method is attending networking events. These are not just beneficial to learn methods on how you can improve the marketing side of your business as they typically allocate time for casual networking.
You can check sites such as:

· Your state’s Chamber of Commerce
· Business Network International

Qualifying Your Prospective Clients


Some digital marketing owners do not care much when looking for their first client. However, you have to understand that finding qualified leads will give you a higher return on investment (ROI) and close rate.

Think about this…
Clients typically have a long process of choosing the agency they will be working with. They want to be sure that they will entrust the future of their company to a competent agency so that they can achieve their revenue goal or strengthen their brand and be an authority in their chosen field.
You should, too. You have to be very careful in choosing the clients you plan to work with because most of the time, it is not just a one-time deal. You will be spending several hours per day handling that client’s business. You don’t want to wake up one day realizing that you are too stressed because he does not treat you well or the budget is not enough to keep your business growing.

A good prospect is someone who:
· views you as a strategic partner and not just a service vendor.
· sees digital marketing as an investment, not just a mere expense.
· wants to participate during the process. He has to understand the timeframe and does not make inconsiderate demands.
· is respectful and professional.

Remember, working with someone who has the aforementioned qualities will result in a better and healthier working relationship.
Make sure that you have chosen the right niche and you have prepared some determining factors so you will not be wasting time reaching out to them. Remember, your prospect should be financially capable. Clients that are on the verge of losing their business will put you in a difficult position. So, verify their budget, and the status of their company if they are downsizing or they are merging with another company.


Here are some factors that have to check to qualify the leads:

· Revenue per Customer
· Number of Employees
· Number of Locations
· Number of Years a Business has been Operating

By knowing all these numbers, you can immediately assess if that specific prospect can pay your services.

Questions You Must Ask during the Discovery Call


The discovery call is the most crucial phase of your client acquisition process. Once you have enticed a prospective client to hop in a call with you, it is your time to not just to demonstrate your expertise but also to assess if he is a qualified client.

What is the biggest single problem your business is experiencing today?

This will help you understand his pain point that will serve as your basis in guiding the direction of the call and when crafting a proposal.

What have you done to fix the problem?

This will give you an idea of how you can plan a strategy that is guaranteed to work and will uncover how much damage you will have to “fix” to ensure that the succeeding methods will deliver the desired results.

This can also open you to indirectly asking questions about his financial position such as “how much did you spend on your ads” or “How long did you run that campaign?” Once he has answered, you can immediately figure out if he is the right fit for your digital marketing agency based on his capability to pay for your services.

Have you hired an agency before?

If he answered yes, then you can delve into the deeper reason why he is looking for a replacement. If he answered no, then you can encourage him that this is the perfect time to hire a digital marketing agency for his campaign to succeed.

What does success look like to you?

This will help you gauge the result you need to deliver to your client to meet his expectations. You can also plan the direction of your campaigns so that you can achieve the anticipated results.

How to Create a Business Proposal


Here’s a tip:

Before the discovery call ends, make sure to book another call with your prospective client a day or two later, so you can present your proposal.
The format of your proposal should be professionally planned. You have to thoroughly put into writing your entire plan so that you have proof of what you have agreed on. Some clients tend to demand a lot of things, even those that are out of your agreed scope of services.

What should you write in your proposal?

  1. Brief Agency Background – this will give them additional information about your business.
  2. Project overview – this should include a synopsis of his current situation, the previous implementation of marketing strategy (if there’s any), and what you are planning to do in case he decides to close the deal.
  3. The Result/s – this is where you will mention what will your client get after the execution of the strategies. You should also discuss the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics that will measure the success of each campaign.
  4. Scope of Work – you have to make sure that you break down all the strategies that you are planning to execute and be clear about the services that you will be doing for the client.
  5. Letter of Intent/Contract – this is a summary of all the things that you have mentioned, as well as setting out each party’s obligation. You must also include the effective date of the contract, payment schedule, cancellation policy, intellectual property conditions, confidential statements and signature.

Win Clients and Grow Your Agency Today!

I hope you understand the most effective methods on how to land your first agency client.

There’s one more tip that I would like to share and that is: have a script for your discovery call so you won’t get lost during the negotiation. If you want a thorough guideline, don’t forget to watch my video above so you can get access to my scripts and get additional guidance with me and my team.

If you want to get more tips on how you can succeed as a digital marketing agency owner, don’t forget to follow my Facebook, Instagram and Youtube channel!

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