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YouTube Upgrades Voice Search + New Voice Commands | Digital Marketing News Today

February 20, 2019

Want to watch your all-time favorite YouTube video, or see the latest thing that influencer you follow has posted? Well, you just have to ask!

That’s right YouTube is rolling out a new version of their Android app featuring a new interface that uses voice search. In this article, I’m going to be exploring the introduction of this new voice search capability within the YouTube Android app, letting you know everything you’ll need to navigate the app.

Why Voice Search?

As we’ve seen many times before, when new technologies develop, some other technologies become obsolete. With the increased capability and ease of use of voice search technologies, you might not need your keyboard at all when it comes to searching for what you need online.

Voice search is already changing the game when it comes to Google and SEO, and now it’s making its mark on YouTube as well.

With the new version of YouTube’s Android app, you will be able to navigate the app faster and more easily, without ever having to use the traditional keyboard on your Android device.

How Does The New YouTube Android App Work?

The latest version of the Android app contains a powerful new interface and navigation commands for voice search. You’ll be able to navigate the entire app simply by speaking into the microphone icon located in the YouTube search bar.

The new voice search capabilities will improve users’ experience, making the app more streamlined and intuitive. Once YouTube’s latest version 13.50.52 is updated on your Android device, this is how you will be able to use the new feature:

  • Once the update is complete, a prompt will pop up on your screen the next time you open the app to search, informing you of “New ways to search with your voice!”
  • Open the search bar by tapping on the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of your screen.
  • Tap the microphone icon, and a dark screen with a pulsating red button will open up. This fullscreen experience looks similar to YouTube’s dark mode.
  • If you don’t ask for a specific video or give a direction, the listening function will time out after a few seconds. There is a button on top-left corner to close the function, or users can simply return to the home screen using system navigation.
  • If the listening function times out, tap the microphone again and say out loud what creator or type of video you want to search.
  • Your query will briefly appear as a transcription on the screen before the app completes your action.

Additional Updates to YouTube Android Apps

In addition to the voice search feature, there are some other updates to the Android YouTube app that differentiates it from the previous voice search features available across all Android apps. Unlike the previous version of the app, the updated version allows users to navigate different parts of the YouTube app directly, including the “Show me trending videos” area.


The same “Show me” command also works for subscriptions, history, and more. Voice commands can also now be harnessed to resume videos that are already in progress so that you can continue watching your favorite YouTube videos more easily.

While voice search is designed to simplify the process of looking up videos without the use of your traditional keyboard, it can also be very helpful when it comes to navigating into other parts of the YouTube app for Android.

As we’ve seen in other areas of the web and other tech products, Voice search is only becoming more popular. Voice search is designed for a hands-free, user-friendly experience. YouTube hopes this will attract more mobile users to navigate their platform and discover new content faster. This can only benefit marketers and influencers, who will hopefully see an increase in new followers and more views.

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