December 17, 2019


You’re probably wondering, how do digital marketing agencies find clients? If you’re about to start your first agency or how to close your first client, it’s likely you’re feeling some form of anxiety. As the experts have said, anxiety comes from a lack of control, a lack of organization, and a lack of preparation. But don’t worry, because those are three things you can control.


If you want to show potential clients that you are prepared to match their needs, there are five things you can do to get yourself ready to answer their questions and fix their problems. Being prepared for digital marketing agency growth simply means getting things in order, after all. 




When starting a marketing agency, one of the first things people want to do is go out and gather clients. It makes sense, because you want to start making money, but there are five steps you must have to make sure your agency is successful and prepared.


When you go to get a client, the first thing an agency does is realize they don’t have a process in place, or VAs to help, or anything they need to finish the sale they just made. So where do we begin? In no particular order, let’s dive in…



Finding a Virtual Assistant


The first step in agency preparation is researching virtual assistants. Here, it really depends on what types of services you want to offer. If you want to offer SEO copy, then you will need an SEO copywriter or researcher to help with the copy, along with someone to help with analytics or management.





You might even need a graphic designer to help with infographics. That being said, unless you plan on doing everything yourself (which can be a nightmare), it’s important to have these key people in place before you land a big client.


It takes time to find these people, train them, and familiarize them with your processes. If you land a client and then it takes two weeks to fill various roles, you’re in big trouble, because you’re playing catch-up with the client. This is perhaps the simplest digital marketing agency growth hack on our list. 


You also don’t want to overdo it here, but make sure you cover the bases or else you will end up committing to work you are unable to handle. When thinking about how to get clients for digital marketing agency, think about the entire process once they’ve agreed to work with you as well. 



Building Agency Processes


The next on our list how to get clients for your digital marketing agency, it’s crucial to figure out your process. If you’re offering SEO services, for example, you need to know the steps to complete the job. For technical SEO, you need to have help with keyword research, analysis, and strategies to build the content.


What are the steps in order to help this process along? Outlining a process and understanding workflow is really important before you get a client on board. Otherwise, you can’t complete their campaign in time, which means more catch-up.


For the video that goes along with this article, we have 10-15 steps from idea to meetings to writing to filming to editing, and so on. We use Asana to keep our team moving forward and everyone has their own role in the series.


Without a proper process in place, it’s possible that you bring in a VA and they just start somewhere in the middle or do the work out of order, which means more catch-up or possibly even wasted hours of work. Communicate and streamline the process. 


Defining & Building Your Network


The third step is defining and building the network. This is more related to the sales process, which we refer to as the Top 100. What this represents is the Top 100 contacts you already know, like people in your phone address book or through social media. 


This might be your family members or friends, but also the people they know. If you have direct contacts who can help your agency, then it’s important to think about their extended networks to find the right contacts to approach about your business. 


If your mom knows someone who owns an insurance agency, that’s a good starting point. Then, you can reach out to this person. Thanks to the warm introduction, it’s better than a random cold call, but you do need to know what you plan to say and how you can help these people so you don’t burn any bridges in the very beginning.


Create Your Agency Assets



Fourth, you want to create your agency assets, like a virtual sales letter (VSL), or the one-page elevator page or testimonial to showcase how you can and will produce results. In addition, you can include value documents and other informational pieces as downloadable items for potential leads. One example would be a lead magnet or free template in exchange for emails.


These downloadable documents that create value must also be created to gather emails and leads. You don’t want to create an ad for a free document and not have the document ready. When thinking about potential digital marketing agency clients, before you reach out, create some samples to get you started. 


If you wish to start a copywriting agency, you can actually get started with short samples in a potential client’s niche. If you’re reaching out to a carwash company, create a sample carwash ad, so they can see exactly what you can do. Likewise, if you’re looking to help a finance company with SEO content, write up 300 words of SEO content in the finance market. 


Practice Sales Objections



Finally, it’s crucial to practice sales objections. When you call your mom’s friend and this business owner doesn’t want to take a risk on your business, you need to know how to respond to the objection, which means thinking of possible reasons they will object to your offer. If you’re serious about ways to grow your digital marketing agency, objection response takes practice. 


For example, if someone tells you that your services are too expensive, remind them of the value in your marketing that will help them bring in new clients. Other business owners tell you they need time to think. Remind them that they want to generate leads, so there’s not really anything to think about.


Another common objection is that they need to talk to someone else, like a business partner. In this example, it might actually be your fault for not gathering everyone in the meeting in the first place, but sometimes this is unavoidable. Think of how you can resolve the problem then and there. Delays mean you’re less likely to book the client.


This is also true for business owners who say they are too busy. They are busy and that’s why they need to hire you, so you can free up their time spent on marketing, and they can focus on closing deals. Understanding these objections will help you when you think about how to get clients for my digital marketing agency. 


So, how do digital marketing agencies find clients?


All in all, there are several steps to consider before you start landing clients and when you start to find clients for your digital marketing agency. If you want to reach true success, then you need to have steps in order to complete the work in a timely manner. Otherwise, you’re going to feel overwhelmed and have a lot more anxiety than if you simply prepared for everything upfront.


When thinking about what to do when you don’t have clients or agency planning in general, think about the entire process once they’ve agreed to work with you as well. If you’re wondering how to find clients for a digital marketing agency, first, stick to these five steps…


Look for virtual assistants to help you within your niche, create a process that can be streamlined, define and build upon your network, create your assets, and then plan how to overcome objections. 


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