Will Marketing Agencies [SMMAs] Die in 2020?

January 7, 2020


It is important to know the upcoming 2020 marketing trends to help you adapt to the potential changes and challenges your agency may face this year.


A lot of entrepreneurs have their own marketing agencies to assist companies that need to boost their visibility in the World Wide Web. However, as the number continues to increase, and with the several forecasted challenging trends in 2020, one question has bothered several marketers: will marketing agencies die in 2020?



I don’t think the industry is dying. However, the methods are evolving.


Some strategies that are proven to be effective a few years ago may not bring positive results this year. With its continuous growth, it is imperative to keep yourself in the loop with all the new marketing tactics that will prepare you to revamp your existing strategies according to what is deemed to be in demand and effective in improving a business’ online presence.


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Challenges for Digital Marketing Agencies in 2020


There are several challenges digital marketing agencies face today and failure to mitigate these problems will put your business at risk.


Adapting to new technologies and platform updates


2020 marketing trends on technologies and other platforms


For the last couple of years, social media platforms have made efforts to improve their results. The problem with some agency owners is that they don’t keep themselves updated with all these changes before releasing a campaign.


It is imperative to thoroughly watch out for these updates so you can make adjustments on campaigns, and create a better strategy that will adhere to these changes. This may be done by following their business platforms where they post the latest news, updates on their policies and terms of use, and more.


Increasing competition in the digital space


2020 marketing trends and competition


A lot of aspiring entrepreneurs have seen how lucrative it is to have a digital marketing agency. Thus, they have enrolled in different courses from renowned gurus such as me [Jordan Steen], Tai Lopez or Billy Gene.


Currently, there are thousands of digital marketing companies that offer the same promise to their target clients: huge ROI, strengthened credibility and authority, and increased website traffic. So, the real pain point is how you can make a name and position yourself as a “good marketing agency.” Don’t be someone who claims to know the ins and outs without showing any proof that you have successfully made these things.  


A good way to do that is to prove your trustworthiness and expertise by showing them your in-depth knowledge about the different platforms and presenting them the results your clients have acquired after hiring you.


Campaigns not generating traffic and sales


Businesses release a campaign to achieve a specific goal – whether to increase the number of followers on their social media platform, increase their website traffic, acquire sales or solidify their brand authority. So, what happens if you fail to provide that result? You lose your credibility and potentially lose clients in the long run.


Ineffective marketing campaigns


The solution? You need to have a systematic procedure that will cover all areas of your campaign: from planning and execution to mitigation of possible problems. Additionally, it is important to carefully assess your competitor’s current marketing strategy to help you come up with new ideas that they have missed to perform. You must also look at the current trends and see exactly what interests your targeted audience. With these in place, you can successfully place your client’s brand on top of his niche and gain better outcomes.


Effective Marketing Tips in 2020 for your Digital Agency


Running an agency is not easy but with proper management and process, you can boost your growth, generate more traffic for your website, acquire new clients and increase your revenue. Here are some strategic marketing transformations that you can do this 2020:


1. Be an educator.

One way for your target clients to notice your company is by providing valuable, in-depth and free information that they can use to fix their common bottlenecks. This will leave an impression that you are an expert who you can solve their bigger problems that have been hindering them from reaching their goals. You can use your blog, social media accounts or YouTube channel.


2. Offer an integrated campaign.

A lot of companies do not like the idea of hiring a bunch of agencies as it will be harder to monitor and manage. Therefore, they typically go for one that offers everything they need: PPC, SEO, SMM, website design and development, customer support, and so on. Be that agency this 2020. Master all the facets of digital marketing and be the solution to all their internet dilemmas. Focus on the lifetime value rather than the short-term income.


3. Take advantage of automation.

Automating several segments of your services saves a lot of time as you don’t need to do tedious and repetitive tasks, giving you the capability to focus on the high-level functions of your agency. It also ensures that you reduce errors, which is commonly inevitable when you are doing it manually. Additionally, because of most software’s analytics, you can gather more data that will help you measure your processes’ metrics and key performance indicators, and immediately solve bottlenecks before they inflict serious errors. Automation will prepare you to scale your business for the upcoming 2020 digital marketing trends.


4. Avoid packages.

Don’t send a generic package to every business that you encounter without actually knowing what’s happening on the backend. Remember, each target client has its own set of problems and goals, which require varied approaches and strategies. What may work for Company A may not work for Company B and C. Thus, what you need to prepare is a basic package with ala carte services that you can add after assessing all the factors that hinder their business growth.


5. People trust search engines.

Did you know that 34% distrust search engines while 95% distrust social media when it comes to their privacy? That said, you might want to look at different strategies to boost your SEO presence, rather than putting all your efforts on social media marketing alone.


6. Address your biggest challenges.

What exactly stops you from scaling your agency? Do you have a streamlined process that conveniently delivers high-quality results? Have you successfully hired the most competent employees who have experience and knowledge in digital marketing? Before you offer services, you must initially fix your internal problems. Remember, treat yourself as your first client; don’t solve other people’s problems while you still have yours.


7. Stay on top of the digital trend.

Techniques change from time to time. Successful entrepreneurs should know how to follow the most significant trends and come up with sound judgments as to whether it can make or break their campaigns. 


Social media marketing agency strategies for 2020


There are definitely no shortcuts. If you want to stand out this 2020 and reach your seven-digit revenue mark, you need to exert your effort so you can maximize your agency’s full potential.


Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2020


To help you stay ahead of the curve, let us share with you the 4 game-changing digital marketing trends this 2020 that will help your business thrive in this age of innovation.


The Rise of Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR and VR)


In order for you to pique the interest of your client’s target audience, you need to find fresh and engaging ways. That’s exactly the reason why AR and VR are becoming more common in the marketing industry. The increase of implementation will rise to help users acquire better purchasing decisions. In fact, it has been forecasted that the economic impact of these new technologies will $29.5 billion.


Augmented Reality (AR) creates a digital content, with the help of your smartphone’s camera, that overlays onto the physical world. To help you understand how it works, think about the several filters on Facebook and Snapchat that make you look like a bear or a monkey on a video.


Snapshop Showroom and DecorMatters are perfect for shoppers and interior designers as they show how a furniture will look in specific areas of a house. Monocle by Yelp also uses AR to display different customer reviews and information around its user. BooksARlive turns every page of a book into an interactive scene to entice kids to read again. AR provides the possibility to visualize an object in a personalized context.


On the other hand, Virtual Reality (VR) uses a device, usually a headset with special lenses, to create a computer-generated 3D environment. A good example would be the 3D movies where audiences feel like they are part of the movie. Matterport 3D Spaces offers virtual tours to users to let them explore places as if they were really there.


Not all digital marketing companies know how to incorporate AR and VR in their strategies. Learning the process will help you become among the first ones to offer the service, leading to increased business opportunities and sales.


Social Commerce is the New Thing


Social commerce allows businesses to sell products or services directly through their social media networks. It is different from social media marketing as you are not directing them to visit another site (such as Shopify, WooCommerce or Bigcommerce). The method allows them to directly checkout their order within the network they are currently using.


Which is why digital marketing agencies should highly prioritize the appearance of their client’s social media pages. Just like a website, it should have all the necessary information that the buyer needs to know before making a purchase. You also need a streamlined social commerce funnel in order for you to remove confusions that may result in abandonment.


Increased Popularity of Niche Platforms


Each business has its own target audience, but within are smaller subgroups. They are commonly identified through their interests, professional background, preferences, needs, personal information, and more. These are called niche.


If your client specializes in a specific service or their products are ideal for a particular demographic, niche marketing should be executed. Which is why platforms such as LinkedIn, Meetup, WAYN and Untappd.


Powerful AIs and MLs


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are programs used to automate a lot of business processes and do a lot of the “thinking” to properly implement a marketing campaign. Through proper integration, these can provide personalized shopping experience, create automated customer interaction, deliver real-time assistance, discover insights that are beneficial in the marketplace, and more.


AIs and MLs are widely used by Fortune 500 companies. Thus, small- and medium-sized businesses have looked at the possibilities of completely automating their business processes for security and convenience.


Getting Ready for 2020 Marketing Trends



2020 comes with several changes in the marketing industry. Your agency should be well-prepared by having a clear goal that will serve as your basis when planning and executing your strategies for your brand and clients. With a good process in place, there’s a high chance that you can surpass your competitor’s achievements and be a renowned authority.

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