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Best SMMA Niches Of 2021 [COMPLETE LIST]


What is niche marketing? You’ve probably heard the phrase a time or two, but what does it actually mean?

Let’s say you have an absolute favorite television show, and let’s call it Game of Thrones (or at least until the final season when they screwed everything up…). Okay, so some people like HBO. Some people like HBO shows. Some people like Game of Thrones. That’s a niche.


A niche is a subset of a larger group of market. As another example, a lot of people like to go hiking and a lot of people like to take photographs, but not everyone likes to take photographs while hiking. This is a niche. It’s a Venn diagram of multiple interests, or a subset of a single interest.

The interesting thing about niche marketing is that it feels like you’re going in the wrong direction, but you’re actually going in the right direction. It feels like getting too specific will limit sales, but it actually increases sales. 

You don’t want to provide a specific message to a mass audience, because it’s mostly a waste of time. You want to provide a specific message to a specific audience. 

When you advertise a product or service to the people who care most about that niche, sales will increase. So why (and how) does a SMMA pursue niche marketing?

For starters, there’s less ground to cover. Let’s say you provide a service for men who like camping, then your next client wants you to focus on women who like make-up. In some ways, at least in terms of knowledge, you have to start all over.

But, if you target audiences on platforms they use the most – fitness clients who want to use Instagram and YouTube for example – then you can tailor results within these platforms.

Staying dedicated also means better connections. Be seen as a keystone pillar within your niche and great deeper one-on-one connections and relationships between brands and their target audiences.

So what are some key niches for 2021?


The Fitness Niche

Fitness is a large category, with various subcategories within, which is why it’s a great place to start. There are various gyms, yoga studios, b boxing and kick-boxing gyms, CrossFit, jujitsu, hot yoga, and countless more. The fitness niche is profitable because the people within the community are image-conscious. They take their health seriously and likely focus on diet and exercise daily, which means daily spending. Daily spending creates some of the best SMMA niches 2021. In addition, there are fitness brick-and-mortar locations in every town and countless more personal brands and influencers online. In addition to products, it’s also possible to simply market information to fitness-minded individuals. Brick-and-mortar locations should use local campaigns, like within 20 miles of their location, plus they can use sign-up bonuses, like a free gym bag or collaboration with health-minded local store. Likewise, only influencers can provide free information, such as a free ebook on the keto diet, or whatever connects most within the niche.

The Real Estate Niche


Like gyms, there are real estate agencies, home buyers, renovators, apartments, and condominiums are in every city and town. It’s also a competitive, far-ranging niche with can be broken into sub-groups. It’s one of the high ticket SMMA niches, regardless of the area.

It’s possible there could be fair housing issues when partnering with apartment complexes, but renovators and house flippers aren’t under the same governmental scrutiny.

Again, free ebooks like “How to Flip Houses in Arizona” could work within a certain area to collect emails and connect buyers and sellers. Other ways to market real estate could be video content.

In many areas, the real estate niche is still somewhat old school. Many people advertise with black marker on white signs or simply post on Craig’s List, creating a video walkthrough niche for realtors is like stepping into the future.

Whether you provide email marketing, Instagram assistance, or simply advice, there are countless ways to work within the real estate niche.

The Cannabis Niche


The cannabis niche is quickly spreading in various states across the US. Most areas now allow CBD products, while others have actually legalized marijuana. Plus, it’s one of the best SMMA niches 2021 on our list. 

By focusing on the news and new laws, it’s possible to implement actions that work in one location as they’re legalized in another. For example, studying Colorado pot shops could have helped launch a business in California, as local laws changed.

As such, there are edibles, CBD pain products, independent growers, medicinal applicants, and various innovations as the industry continues to grow. In fact, some reports indicate that the industry will hit $19.4 billion in 2021 (billion with a “B”).

For starters in the niche, expertise is a unique point-of-view. There are restrictions on ads, laws for social media posts, challenging algorithms and legal concerns to consider. The more you know, the more you can make.

Start with educational content valuable to the user. Check for influencer marketing, then look into specialized platforms like Leafwire or MJLink.

The Contractor Niche


Within the general contractor niche, there are painters, roofers, tilers, and other construction workers who need information, both in the form of how to, but also legal, which makes one of the most profitable yet untapped SMMA niches. 

Contracting is a profitable niche because it’s a demanding service, where average ticket items are quite expensive. Generally, contractors have large budgets and advice that helps them make money is a drop in the bucket in terms of an expense.

One way to hit a specific niche might be to combine packages, such as bathroom renovation. This includes tiling, drywall, and plumbing.

Even as we enter 2021, most contractors still find customers thanks to word of mouth. This creates a hard business to break into, so if your agency can provide help finding customers – reviews, recommendations, etc. – it makes sense to use your service.

The E-Commerce Niche


Within the e-commerce niche, there are various online stores and web shops. Since e-commerce is entirely online, there’s also a way to help people across the globe. It’s one of the best SMMA niches 2021 because it’s a profitable digital marketing niches. 


Any business-minded person would love to create a make-money-while-you-sleep stream of passive income, but not everyone knows how. If you can market a service, it’s possible to help various people.


It’s possible to help people set up ClickFunnels accounts or Shopify stores to sell their products. You could also specialize in drop-shipping, by helping companies connect with suppliers or set up accounts with sites like Alibaba.


If you can drive sales, create social media, or simply product sells, then you can make money.


The Salon Niche


Salons are another niche that is located in every city and town. Made up of hair stylists, manicurists, pedicurist, and boutiques, it’s relatively simple for people to launch salons, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to make money. This is where you come in.


Salons often become profitable when they create a brand in their local area. If you can help a salon develop a brand, create online services, and connect with locals, you and the salon owner can make money together.


One simple method would be showcasing current clients’ hairstyles online or asking customers to share a special hashtag to help brand the salon on social.


Likewise, new salons could work with Groupon or other collaborative methods to meet new customers and let people try out the service.


The Cosmetic Surgery Niche


Cosmetic surgery includes plastic surgery, Botox, hair replacement, and other selective methods to improve confidence.


Cosmetic surgery is profitable because clients are image conscious. But, there is still a stigma within the niche, so decreasing the stigma can increase sales.


How can you set their business apart from the competition or make people see their service in a new light? Consider promotions, reviews, and chatbots to get started and personalize the individual points of contact.


The Dental Niche


Dentists and orthodontists are everywhere because everyone needs a dentist. Clients who need marketing services include young up-and-coming dentists, but also individuals wishing to start their own practice.


It might be hard to market to dental professionals because they’re often busy, but making promotions, reviews, recommendations, and referral programs can connect with new customers.


Profitable dentists likely connect with schools or require 6-month checkups to make money year round. Otherwise, if they’re only do emergency work, there could be lean times. Take a look at their current marketing efforts and then see how you can enhance their efforts.


The Chiropractor Niche


Like a dentist, it’s possible that chiropractors only make money when a client has a problem. But chiropractors also can improve physical health and create stress relief.


Branding, social media influence, promotions, reviews, and referral programs are one way to help chiropractors make money.


That said, back pain isn’t a sexy niche, but if you can connect a chiropractor with a masseuse, it’s possible to create a collaboration of ongoing health for patients and clients. Again, if they can make more money, you can make more money. 


The Food Industry Niche


Restaurants, bars, and coffee shops are everywhere, but not every business knows how to best market their industry.


In the past, restaurant owners would find a location they can afford, then simply open their doors and hope for the best. This doesn’t work anymore.


Within the food industry, there are local businesses, diverse options, and brand requirements. It’s possible to create specific campaigns, promotions, and social media packages within each niche. Within this realm, look for local businesses before you try chain operations. 


Does your local sports’ bar advertise for Sunday games? Does your coffee shop have a referral program? What works in other areas that could work in your area?


The Legal Service Niche


Legal services include attorneys and law firms. Legal services are a profitable niche because they’re competitive and constant.


These organizations often need help with branding opportunities and possibly even SEO work, especially if they provide content for individuals in specific areas.


Help with legal service providers might include blog content and other forms of video content. The key here is likely basic information, that will lead to an introduction or additional help.


So where do you start? 


What are the best niches 2021? 


Find out what works in the area you wish to work and then take a look at your own interests to get started. There are many profitable digital marketing niches, so finding the best social media marketing niches is up to you. 

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