Is Social Media Marketing Oversaturated?

Is SMM Oversaturated? (What You MUST Know)

August 12, 2019

It’s natural for you to ask, “is social media marketing oversaturated?” because of how many people are interested. But the answer is an absolute no. There are so many factors that keep social media marketing from getting oversaturated that their almost too difficult to count.

There are so many courses like mine that teach people how to run a social media marketing agency that people are hesitant to get in. It seems like it’s too late to get into social media marketing in 2019. But the people who do decide to get started now can see that there are issues that still need fixing.

The idea that most businesses will fail does ring true. So many people walk into social media marketing without the depth of understanding of what it takes to succeed that they fail almost immediately. Getting started is an important step, but it’s the last step most people take.

If you’re really ready to put the work in and grow above your competitors, you’ll find out something interesting. When you poke your head above the first few steps, you’ll see that social media marketing is kind of barren. There aren’t enough people doing the work where it needs to be done.

There are a lot of holes opening up in marketing that people aren’t even trying to fill. If you’re worried about walking into an oversaturated market, all you have to do is fill the holes that people are running from. Let me tell you why social media marketing isn’t oversaturated at all.

Why SMM Is Not Oversaturated By Competitors

Instead of asking, “is social media marketing oversaturated?,” I want you to ask me a different question: is the restaurant industry oversaturated?

It kind of is – in any given area, you’re going to find at least 1 restaurant. Every small town has the 1 local diner that everybody eats at, and maybe a fast food place where people get lunch. When you get into an urban area, there are more restaurants than you could ever conceivably eat at. And there’s a grand opening every summer.

There are more than 1,000,000 restaurants in the United States, and more than 5,000 of them start every year. And an overwhelming majority of those restaurants are going to fail. Common knowledge is that about 95% of restaurants fail within the first year, but the actual number is more like 60% – which is still very high.

But that doesn’t stop anyone from opening restaurants. Those 5,000 people that start a restaurant every year know people need to eat, they like going out, and they appreciate a quality product. So, if 40% of new restaurants have the knowledge, experience, and care to make a product that will succeed it’s the other 60% that make it seem oversaturated because they came in and tried to cut corners and didn’t do the right things to keep their customers happy.

But the truth is most places can support several restaurants… If each restaurant supports its customers by providing a quality product and service.

The best businesses know to go where they are needed. If you’re opening a Coffee Shop right next to another Coffee Shop, you will have a difficult time. But if you open a steakhouse in a town where the closest eatery is miles away, you will have a better chance at success.

These ideas apply to social media marketing. The important take-away is for you to focus on underserved clients and running your business intelligently. Most entrepreneurs getting into social media marketing don’t know about SWEPS, and they aren’t setting SMART goals. They’re treating it like a get rich quick scheme – and they’re going to fail.

Be smart, patient, and find your niche. This will lead to massive success for you and your agency!

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Why SMM Is Not Oversaturated With Clients

The biggest reason I shoot down “is social media marketing oversaturated” is because I know – and you should too – that people aren’t going to stop paying for marketing any time soon. Not only will there more jobs in the social media marking space, but those jobs are going to keep turning into contracts. What you need to consider is that most owners lack the time, knowledge, and patience to learn this stuff themselves.

Business owners are busy people who want to get as much stuff off their plates as possible. And they know these things cost money. They’re willing to pay for services that are worth their while.

And as a social media marketing agency, you have a pretty big cut above an employee. For a business owner, employees come with a lot of add-on costs that can quickly add up. Employees require taxes, vacation pay, insurance, and 401k contributions. These things can get to be too much on a small business owner.

Outside of that, employees can also require training. As a social media marketing agency, you and your subcontractors bear the burden of staying current and relevant. For an employee, they learn and stay current on industry trends but they are paid for by the employer. In an industry where change is common and rapid, education is expensive.

Marketers have been around for so long which leads to a lack of continuing education about their industry and the changes that occur. Marketing executives got into marketing before Google was a thing. The best ones have kept up, but even they’re getting aged out. The marketers who haven’t kept up with their education and trends in the industry are getting aged out even quicker.

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Is It Too Late to Start an SMMA?

More important than that question is the issue that business owners don’t have time to market appropriately and these owners are being ignored by agency owners everywhere because the agency owner wants to focus on the glamourous niches. Most owners getting into social media marketing are trying to work for businesses that are cool or sexy, medium to large businesses. But how many small businesses are around you that could use your services?

I’ll Tell You…  A Lot.
You will make a good living working with these businesses. When you think about if it’s too late to start an SMMA, you think about all of the people on the internet doing it. But you don’t think about your favorite local coffee shop who hasn’t made an Instagram post in years. It’s not too late to start working with them.

So, is social media marketing oversaturated? Not if you’re looking in the right places.

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