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Instagram has received its place as one of the leaders of social media marketing. This is due to its eye-popping user growth statistics and fun, user-friendly posting and interaction choices. These are among the reasons why many brands and public personalities depend on Instagram to endorse their products and services. But, how exactly do brands increase their […]

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Email inboxes are raucous–and are even more competitive than you might think. It’s no longer adequate to send one-size-fits-all email messages. You need the one-two punch of sending the right personalized message at the right time. That means binding the power of two different features within email: Email marketing and email automation. If you want […]

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If you are wondering what search engine optimization is, then this guide is for you. Perhaps you are an online store owner who just wants to have more website traffic and more sales conversions. Or maybe you are an affiliate blogger who wants to reach more viewers and increase your earnings. Whether you own your […]

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Make $5,000+/Month with a Vlog/Blog & Online Course At The Digital Marketing School we’re all about building a business online. Why? Well, we know how much it can suck to have to drive into work every day to make LOADS of money for someone else. Oh…and how about the fact that you can’t take a trip whenever […]

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July 24, 2017

Just a couple reviews from students in my course! Thanks guys…it means a lot to see this! 🙂

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