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If you are wondering what search engine optimization is, then this guide is for you. Perhaps you are an online store owner who just wants to have more website traffic and more sales conversions. Or maybe you are an affiliate blogger who wants to reach more viewers and increase your earnings. Whether you own your own website or you are working as a marketing professional in a company, you will need to know the basics of search engine optimization...

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Have you tried marketing your business on social media? If you have done it, then perhaps you know that Facebook is actually the most effective social marketing platforms among them all. With over 2.01 billion monthly active Facebook users as of September 2017, Facebook is said to be the most effective social platform for marketing your business online. Some people think that Facebook is just for fun networking between family and friends....

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Using SWEPS to Guide Your Digital Marketing Strategy Digital Marketing is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Every single day, things are changing in the industry that make it hard to stay on top of all the best practices. That's why I made this acronym and put together a list of items to keep track of so you're business in always in the game! No matter how much the Digital Marketing industry changes, if you...

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Make $5,000+/Month with a Vlog/Blog & Online Course At The Digital Marketing School we're all about building a business online. Why? Well, we know how much it can suck to have to drive into work every day to make LOADS of money for someone else. Oh...and how about the fact that you can't take a trip whenever you want or work wherever it is you want to be that day. It's 2017 people...the world is a completely different place than it was...

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Digital Marketing is such an exciting industry to be a part of, but there are several things that a lot of business owners forget when trying to create a successful agency. After teaching thousands of viewers and listening to their struggles and feedback I've made a list of the TOP 3 tips that you'll need to consider if you want that $100,000+ lifestyle. Tip 1 Understanding ALL Aspects of Digital Marketing The biggest mistake...

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July 24, 2017

Just a couple reviews from students in my course! Thanks means a lot to see this!...

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